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Allah knows best

Afshin Ellian: Allah Knows Best
NRC Handelsblad 23-7-05

“Mohammed B., the self-declared murderer of Theo van Gogh, has spoken. While the Londoners were looking for their missing loved ones, the Western rule of law triumphed in Amsterdam. Because our rule of law showed its worth through a fair trial, to which the jihadist Mohammed was subjected. A criminal trial, with or without a terrorist, is a normal legal procedure conforming to the rules of our justice system. It states that the violator of the [Wetboek van Strafrecht] should account for himself in front of the judge and the public. The judge has to determine what the precise, individual motives of the suspect were and how dangerous this suspect is. Appropriately the judge has ordered the the suspect to appear in trial.
Some claim that Mohammed B., had suddenly been given the opportunity to misuse the hearing for his propaganda. And because of that, Mohammed would suddenly have become a hero. This reasoning is mistaken, because the criminal judge has nothing to do with the propaganda of Mohammed B., let alone his heroism. The criminal judge is not a politician, not the AIVD [Dutch Intelligence Agency], not a columnist, not a strategist, and not a saviour of the fatherland. The criminal judge is the institution who determines, after investigating in a hearing, the guilt or innocence of the citizen accused by the government. Mohammed hates this stuff. He hates our way of life: the freedom, equality and rule of law. Praise to the judges of Amsterdam.
Well, Mohammed B. has made the Islam-lovers, Hamas-lovers, foreigner-lovers, ‘anti-racists’, ‘anti-fascists’, all blush. He didn’t act because he was discriminated against, not because he was unemployed, and not because he considered Theo a terrible man. He acted according to the rules and tradition of political Islam. Frits Abrahams, observer of the op-ed page of this newspaper, was in this way deeply disappointed in Mohammed B. Abrahams hoped, given his way of thinking, that the murderer of Theo van Gogh was moved to act out of discrimination, racism, or after reading the texts of Ellian or Hirsi Ali.
After the second day or hearing, in which Mohammed frightened the Netherlands candidly for a duration of ten minutes, the great anti-racist, anti-fascist of the editorial page chose the dramatic explanation that Filip Dewinter [head of a far-right Flemish party] would get orgasmic feelings from Mohammed’s declaration: “Mohammed, have you gotten your way now?”
This is really hilarious, because Abrahams apparently assumed that Mohammed and his friends would be different (better) than Filip Dewinter. What self-delusion! Mohammed B. belongs to the army of islamo-fascism, that is responsible for thousands of murdered and maimed people. Mohammed confirms our healthy judgement about the dangerous aspects of Islam that have formed Political Islam. Clearly people like Abrahams are not real anti-fascists or heroes of free speech: that was and is Theo van Gogh. Abrahams needs Dewinter to be able to criminalise the critics of Islam. In the mean time the Islamic fascists want to sever your head if you critically engage Allah and the prophet Mohammed. Mohammed knows best!
Now, slowly but surely, several Muslims are beginning to acknowledge that State Secretary Rutte is right when he says that we should keep an eye on Muslim students because of the increasing radicalisation. If Rutte would have said that three months ago, then he would have been accused by the same people of polarisation. Even Ruud Peters, professor at the University of Amsterdam, who seemed to want to acquit the likeminded companions of Mohammed B in fair trials with his expertise advice, has been sketching exactly that which he has kept denying: namely the stages of development of islamo-fascism in a Muslim: conversion to an extreme religiosity, renunciation of democracy, renunciation of society as a whole and use of violence against society and those who think differently.
Has Mohammed B. won? No. Because most Muslims are still revolted by him and his friends. But they are still insufficiently active in the battle against terrorism. The Muslim communities could provide valuable information about terrorists.
Which measure of punishment? Mohammed B. will receive a life-sentence and be stored away forever in a high-security facility. This is also inevitable, given the nature and the scope of the committed offences. In this way the rule of law has issued a stark warning to Islamic terrorists.
It has to be admitted that guarding Mohammed B. will be a very difficult task. Mohammed will not want to sit still, he wants to wage jihad, to kill and be killed.
Islam as the source of inspiration for Political Islam must, just like Christianity, be placed on the operating table of philosophy. I have emphasised many times that the prophet Mohammed was not a vegetarian prophet. And because of this Islam is not a vegetarian religion. In this way Mozes (Mousa) was taught by Allah by switch off his reason to submit to the will of Allah. A confidant of Allah killed, according to the Koran (Sura 18: 74-80), a young man, about which Mousa said: “How could you kill an innocent man and not even out of retaliation for someone else’s life? Now you have done something repulsive.” The murdered told Mousa: “… His parents were believing people and we feared that he would torment them too much with his impudence and unbelief.” In his place, Allah would provide them a “purer and friendlier” son.

This is school of Mohammed B: Allah knows best. He is not crazy, we are crazy not to have wanted to criticise a book with quite a few murderous elements. This cowardice you may hold me to as well. We always had to find a balancing act between the moral terror à la Abrahams en the physical terror of Mohammeds. In the footsteps of Feuerbach, Nietzsche and Freud, will Islam also be dissected.”

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Beste Afshin,

zeer goed artikel. Mijnsinziens zou de koran 's een keertje openlijk aan de tand gevoeld moeten worden. vooral de delen waarin geweld wordt gepredikt.
Dorood bar shoma, weblioge khoobi darid.Man az in pas harooz mikhonamesh.

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