Tuesday, May 3, 2005


Muslim women are also entitled to aldultery

This column on women's rights appeared a week before the debate that erupted in Turkey after the government attempted to insert state-legislation against adultery. Ellian reflects on the fallout of the film Submission Part 1[vii], made by Somali-born parliamentarian Ayaan Hirsi Ali and the writer-filmmaker Theo van Gogh. This short film is a dramatized account of the religious roots of abuse of Muslim women's rights. Ellian concludes that the possibility for adultery without violent reprisal is a consequence of human rights.

"Without compassion the Muslim woman, the subdued, will rebel. The rebellious Muslim woman confuses western intellectuals. They demand from an eastern person never to change their world view or their identity. Of course these western intellectuals would never want to live in the regions of these primitives, other than as aid worker, researcher, novelist or journalist. The third-world-lover wouldn't dream for a second of giving up his comfortable life for such a grim recreation.

The Muslim woman rises up in rebellion, despite the well-thinking westerner, but thanks to western culture. Submission[viii] is already on its way.

It all started with the Satanic Verses of Salman Rushdie, the book that has now been translated to Farsi, the language in which the fatwa (which included a death sentence) was written. After that a Bengali writer appeared in the footsteps of Rushdie, and suddenly almost every country had a Rushdie. Those who labeled this process as a hatred for Islam are the neocolonialists. After all it is they who impede, at least for others, the process by which they themselves had once achieved freedom and prosperity. They do not grant the eastern world the difficult and painful process that eventually led to the establishment of a state with a liberal rule of law and the emergence of a humane Christianity. They do not grant the Islamic world their Nietzsche, Voltaire, Victor Hugo (also a parliamentarian) and their de Sade. Because it is especially these stubborn personalities, with their diverging submissions, that have moved the defenders of tradition and religion to reflection and reform. And no one ever asked themselves if they would ever achieve their goal, in the way they acted, which is to influence the believer. Because Submission ultimately creates doubt and raises questions.

The Muslim-women-brigade in parliament -an apolitical, talentless extension of Dutch welfarism -came with a distraught reaction that the Submission of Hirsi Ali would not reach Muslim women. What self-delusion! Submission, has, after all, reached this Muslim-women-brigade, just as the prior submissions of Voltaire had reached the priests and their women-mercenaries. The Persian department of Radio Free Europe, Radio Farda, heard by millions of Iranians, has also spread the news about Submission and Hirsi Ali.

The Muslima-brigade envies the woman who dares to tell Allah: here I am with my entire body as an autonomous subject that decides herself how, when and with how many men she sleeps. And if Allah is any kind of a man, he would have to adjust all his ways to belong to the lucky ones allowed to sleep with a Muslim woman. Ah, that Allah, that Allah is an impotent fool who created men for this reason.(...)

Adultery, being sovereign over your own body, the possibility for seduction, and not being punished for it with violence, mark the border between the Koran-barbarism and human rights. Fatma obeys the Koran and the Koran commands her to obey her husband almost unconditionally. (...)

Now that Europeans have finally conquered Christian barbarism, we should not allow the adventurous to pull us into Islamic barbarism. [The mayor of Amsterdam] ought to tell his imams and imamas that adultery (without violent reprisal) is a consequence of human rights.

Freedom of religion should not be interpreted as a freedom to abuse others. The fact that a parliamentarian such as Hirsi Ali strongly challenges the sources of human rights by any means necessary is a blessing for a liberal democracy. For this reason the liberal leaders (...) acted very correctly by creating space for debating an unacceptable phenomemon: the abuse of human rights in a liberal society.

Liberalism should not be confused with indifference; liberals have the political and constitutional obligation to protect the foundations and borders of society. Muslim women are entitled to adultery and if this calls for violence with some Muslims they should buzz off to the deserts of Allah, with Bin Laden and the other crooks."


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