Tuesday, May 3, 2005


The Golden Crown for Backwardness

"(...) In the Netherlands people have been fighting for democratization and freedom of speech for centuries.. The Netherlands is a modern country, but it still contains several stubborn elements of the Ancien RĂ©gime. Think about the democratic deficit in the Netherlands, where periodic elections don't lead to substantial changes of power. If the 'castle-lord' loses in one election, he can be appointed to be guardian of a different castle: as mayor or commissioner for the queen. A modern feudal country has many rulers, but few politicians. These rulers are all wise men, and several women, who have to ensure that the societal corporations treat each other with Respect. This stifling condition sometimes shows totalitarian tendencies. This was the political establishment that tried in the nineties, by all necessary means (such as anti-discrimination laws), to suppress all criticism of the multicultural society (the community of corporations). To this end pressure groups were set up, so called anti-racism committees.

Islam and the Muslims had to be protected from the dangerous European. As a consequence, no one dared to criticize the far-reaching Islamification of our cities and schools. By this moral terror of the political establishment, the Islamic communities really started feeling at home here. Why? Is Europe a Muslim country? Muslims got the feeling that the Netherlands is as uncritical, patriarchal and feudal as their Islamic homeland. The Muslims were allowed to co-exist with their own culture (suppression of women, abuse of children, religious intolerance and cultural backwardness) as a separate community in Dutch society. The fortress of Muslims became the prison of backwardness. (...)"

Couldn't have said it better myself. What always surprises me, is the implicit rascist attitude behind all this. The line of thinking seems to be that immigrants are somehow weak and stupid. Not able to become fullfledged productive members of society and still retain some of their cultural roots.
On the other hand there seems to be the thought that as soon as Europeans start thinking for themselves, or even worse, express their opinions, they become dangerous murderous animals.

I often feel a foreigner in my own country. And I can imagine that immigrants feel the same. For they never got a chance to integrate or assimilate.

The ultimate paradox. In hindsight, our progressive and politically correct government has created a rascist and feudal society.

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